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Where Do You Stand? What Side Are You Going to Be On?

We live in very interesting times…

Everyday I look at the news, I see stories about how some group of people are not getting what the think they deserve and the willing politicians who stand by them until the OTHER group lines their pockets and then they are conveniently on that groups side. Everything that our leaders do now is based in political expediency. Based not on tried and true values but rather on how many votes they will receive from a specific MINORITY opinion that they can get behind. It is truly sad.

So where are you going to stand? Are you going to be the one who stands in the stream and gets moved by the currents or are you going to be on the top of the water and have your sail set in a direction that is based on values that serves others based on your contribution.

Here are some thoughts to consider:

1. Is your happiness based on what others do, say or think? – If your happiness is not based in what you do to contribute and your happiness comes from a source that is outside of you, you have relinquished your freedom and will NEVER have lasting happiness. By relying on things outside of yourself to make you happy, you give to much power to things outside of your control.

BUT… If you base your happiness on what you do, say, think and contribute to others, you are the soul determiner of your level of happiness. And even when things do not work out in your favor, you will pick yourself back up and start to look for ways to contribute to others again.

2. Is what you are doing ADDING UP or TAKING AWAY from your life? – What you do, say, or think is either adding to or taking way from the quality of your life. Everything counts… even what you think only to yourself. Everything that you do is either enhancing your quality of life or taking away from your quality of life. There is no middle ground. There is no standing still, time as we know it is constantly in motion and we are not getting anymore of it, while we are breathing on this earth.

3. Your rewards will be in DIRECT proportion to the contribution you make. – Make no mistake about this, there is no such thing as “Something for nothing…” even though we have politicians who make their living by standing in the middle and promising groups of people who by appearance, don’t seem to have much, entitlements and social programs by taking from people, again, with the appearance of having a lot and redistributing what they have to the people who do not have it.

There is a fundamental flaw with this…

It is not based in the timeless values and principles that operate all around us and at some point it always ends being corrected because it is a universal principle that no man or woman can avoid no matter how much they wish they could. When you put yourself in the middle of this timeless principle and try to control what goes where and in what quantity is becomes a source of power that can and usually ends up being wielded over those that they make the promises to.

When we start to focus our energies on the strengths that God has given us, and start to make contributions to the lives of others, our lives change in ways that we can not imagine.

But when we look around us and wonder why others have things and we don’t and we become resentful, we start to decline in our quality of life and happiness eludes us at every turn.

The question remains:

When you are faced with the question and it could be coming sooner then we think….

Where Do You Stand?

And What Side are You Going to Be On?

And make no mistake about it… There are sides and there will no sitting on the fence.

As Always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

John Clark


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