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Happy Fathers Day!! And Why Strong Fathers are Important to Our Future…

Happy Fathers Day to all the fathers reading this!

As a father, I find it challenging to balance all the roles that I have in my life as I am sure most of us fathers do. I have long gotten over the having to be liked stage with my children which was a very hard thing for me to do because my personality tends to be one that has a need to be liked, so this was a challenge for me.

What I have learned from that is that my children just wanted to be treated fairly and deep inside they wanted boundaries. They wanted to know that I loved them unconditionally no matter what they may have done that was not to my liking.

Not being a perfect father, I had my challenges But I believe I have had a positive effect on the children who have had me as a father or a father figure.

But this is not about me…

It is about our children and our future.

If we are weak with our children and we don’t take the time to teach them about the true success principles about life, we are short selling them and their futures as well as our societies future.

We can not rely on our government to do this or even our children’s teachers. This is our job as fathers.

What do I think that our children should learn from their fathers?

1. That they are responsible for their outcomes. We are responsible for our outcomes; what we think, what we do and what we say all add up to the results that we get in out lives. If we are not achieving the results in our lives that we want, we need to revisit what we are thinking, saying and doing and change them until we start to get the results that we are looking for.

2. Learning doesn’t end after high school or college. Think about what is going on in our society now, we are moving from a manufacturing based society to a thinking based society and those that did not change with the times are being left behind. Continuous education is vital to any successful life and if you are not looking to improve the skills you use to be of service to others, at some point in your life this will come to bite you in the ass and hard.

3. Love others unconditionally – It is very easy to like or love others when things are going great and they are doing what you think that they should be doing, but the true test comes when they are not conforming to the way you think things should be. Treating others with respect also goes here.

4. There is always a way and to never lose hope – When we press ourselves and we have a clear vision for our lives and we are taking action continuously towards our goals while serving others, there is nothing that we can not accomplish. When we focus our efforts on giving to others unconditionally, we always seem to end up getting what we want.

It is a wonderful system that God has put in place for us and we need to focus on who we are serving and improving our ability to serve and as a by product, we seem to miraculously get what we want. And for all the mothers reading this and wondering what to get their husbands for fathers day why not a chainsaw or some other awesome tool. Check out https://thetoolboss.com/ for some different tools that he would love.

As Always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

Happy Father’s Day and God Bless You,

John Clarke m

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