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Why It is Important to Get Your House in Order… NOW!! (Part 2)

I posted this a couple of days ago and I hope you had a chance to read it… If not click here and read it now:  Why It is Important to Get Your House in Order… NOW!! (Part 2)

Most of it had to do with changes that we as a nation and a society need to make but if you look at this from a bird’s eye view, it seems impossible because it requires a lot, from a lot of people. And as I have mentioned in the past, thanks to the late, great Stephen Covey, concentrating on our “Circle of Concern” and focusing on this exclusively will end up making us very unhappy and will end up being a huge waste of time.

But we need to focus on our “Circle of Influence” and this is the only area that we can control… and that is only 2 things.

1. Our Thinking

2. Our Actions

Those are the only two things that we have complete and utter control over and NO ONE can take that away from us. People can only control our thinking and actions, only to the degree that we allow them to control them.

So when it comes to getting OUR houses in order we need to be experts at the basics in four key areas:

1. Relationships

2. Physical Health

3. Finances

4. Career/Business

There are enough basic and simple to follow ideas in these areas that we can develop strength in all of these areas and become a good example for those who may be in our “Circle of Concern”, that we may end up being a positive influence in the lives of those that are around us. I will be expanding on these four areas over the next few days to break them down with what might be called the “best practices” when it comes to these four pillars of successful living.

I have been posting some great videos lately from some of the great thinkers of today, I hope you have had a chance to watch them, if not here are the links:

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Make sure to check out these great videos, I will be breaking down the ideas in the 4 pillars of successful living over the next few days.

As Always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

God Bless You,

John Clark

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