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How to Dream Big and Live Without Limits

It’s interesting…

When I look at the things I have done in my life AND the things I haven’t done, I come to the realization that everything has been limited by my own thinking and actions.

The fact is that we are all limited by what we think about and what we do. When we think without limits, we generally act without limits and when we limit our thinking based on fear or what we think others will think of us, we usually limit the activity that we take. The interesting thing is that most people who think without limits are goal oriented, service minded people and they continually think about how they can provide more service or a better product to the people they serve.

But when we think with limits, it is basically comes out of a scarcity mindset, meaning that we don’t think there is enough to go around.

The fact is there is plenty to go around, we simply need to tap into the service mindset and find ways to better serve the community in which we operate in. When we become service oriented and we find ways to better serve others, we open ourselves up to receiving the corresponding rewards for that service.

The greater the service, the greater the reward. The more people we positively impact with what we do, the greater the reward.

So dream BIG and SERVE without limits…

As Always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

God Bless You,

John Clark

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