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Grant Rant #107 – Urgency is the NEW Virtue

Getting things done fast is extremely important in this rapidly changing marketplace.

In the marketplace getting things done fast and right are a necessity. There is too much competition these days and the attention span of those that we are dealing with is limited and there are far too many things via for the attention of those we are dealing with in business.

Getting things done fast and with a sense of urgency is not only needed in the business landscape right now but it is…. REQUIRED!!

There is a place for patience though… When you are dealing with your family, especially our aging parents and our kids. We do need to practice the virtue of patience with those who are coming up and those who are starting to wind down.

But in the marketplace, having a sense of urgency and reacting quickly to the business landscape is a must, while staying true to our values.

If this urgency or expediency causes us to go against our values, we do need to slow down a little bit and try and figure out how to get it done WITHOUT selling out our values.

Grant Cardone has a great way of getting his message across, doesn’t he?

As Always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

God Bless You,

John Clark

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