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Referrals Defined. In a Way You and Your Boss Won’t Like. | Jeffrey Gitomer | Sales Tools

This is a real eye opener…

It’s amazing when you really start to break down a word that we throw around when it comes to sale. The upfront work needed to get the proper type of referrals. When you start to really get to the meat in this video, you will find that the proper way to get people to refer others to you, is to do what you do with your product or service better and more thorough than anyone that is in your market.

When you become the vendor or service provider of choice, referrals will be a natural course of the doing business.

Think about it this way… Are your chances of going to see a movie in the theater better if someone you know tells you it was a great movie?

Of course it is, but what is it that prompts that conversation with your friend? It starts with how great the movie is…

If the movie is fantastic, that is probably the first thing that comes up in a conversation the first time that they see you. Or better yet, they call you the minute they get out of the movie and say, “Hey John, I just saw ________________ and you have to go see it, it was great!!”

Well your sales process should do the same thing to your customers, if you do a above and beyond job with your sale, your customer should be so charged about the transaction that they are on the phone with someone the minute they get out of your office.

As Always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

God Bless You,

John Clark

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