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How To Achieve Your Goals: 90 Days is All It Takes

One of the best habits to develop is the habit of….

Setting Goals!!

Vic Johnson has a great video here.

Goal Setting is one of the key components to a successful life.

So when is a good time to start setting goals? NOW!!

#1 The longer we put off setting goals in our life, the longer it takes us to get there…

#2 – When we put off developing goals in our life, we develop one of the most detrimental habits of failure and that is procrastination.

Here are a few of the reasons that we may put off setting goals:

1. Fear – When we start to make positive change in our lives, the uncertainty of what our lives will be like can be a source of fear that stops us in our tracks. Another fear that we may have is what others will think of us, if all of a sudden start to try and make improvements in our lives.

2. Waiting for the perfect plan before we start moving forward – One of the keys to achieving goals, is to get moving forward on that goal ASAP, there will never be a perfect plan but one thing that I am certain about is that if you don’t move forward towards that goal, you will never reach it.

3. We don’t think we are worthy – For us to reach a particular goal, we do need to become different people. We need to take different action from what we have been doing up to now.

Start today!! There is no better time to start then, NOW!!

When we start to take bold action, we will get feedback that will let us know what we need to change in our lives or what we need to learn in order to get to that goal.

But without that ACTION, we will not get that needed feedback to grow towards that goal!!

As Always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

God Bless You,

John Clark

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