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The Difference Between Optimistic and Pessimistic People

WOW!! What a great video…

Brian Tracy is great at explaining success ideas. In this video, he explores the differences between being optimistic and pessimistic.

Our success in life will certainly be a product on how we process the things that happen in our lives and how we respond to the difficulties that present themselves to us in our day to day dealings. Really the only thing that we have control over is what we think about, how we think about things and what we do and how we respond to the circumstances that happen in our lives.

When we look at difficult circumstances as opportunities to grow, we are far more open to the solutions to these difficulties but if we look at these things from a point of permanence or a difficulty or circumstance that is going to last forever, we will certainly delay the solution to the difficulty if it will ever happen at all, with negative thinking.

All of our thinking comes about habitually, coming from how we look at things and how we deal with things on a regular basis. Our thinking habits are almost more detrimental then the obvious habits of smoking, drinking or over eating as they work under the surface, throwing up road blocks whenever we start to make forward progress.

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As Always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

God Bless You,

John Clark

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