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The Get off Your Attitude Minute with Ryan Lowe – “Engage in Positive Relationships”

How are you doing with this idea?

Engaging in positive relationships…

Are you going into your place of employment and hanging around the water cooler talking about all the great things that you have going on at work and at home?

Or… Are you looking down at the floor commiserating with the other standing there about how bad things are going in this world at this time?

Here are some facts:

The economy has been bad in the past.

The economy will get better.

The economy will get bad again in the future.

The difference between those who make through a bad economy and those who throw in the towel is the attitude they carry with them. If all they do is focus on how bad things are and they confirm that everyday with those who associate with day in and day, then it will continue to be bad for them even when the economic recovery does come around.


those who focus on what they can do to improve their situations day in and day out and take action to do HELP bring about the recovery that will happen in the economy a little faster.

So what are you going to be thinking about today? And an even better question is what are you going to be DOING today to make your lot in life a little better for you and for those who count on you?

As Always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

God Bless You,

John Clark

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