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Larry Winget – What’s Important To You? LW#128

This is an important question…

What is the price we pay for what is important for us?

Larry has a great thought provoking video here. Our time, money and energy always seems to go to what is important to us.

This is also a key indicator to where your strengths are at as well. This is the area that we should look at to find our unique talents and abilities and try and find a way to serve others profitably as well.

We will always move towards our unique talents and abilities, the problem is that we don’t give ourselves enough credit for this and we discount the value of this talent. And because we have a tendency to live outside of our means, we never develop the ability to find a way to profitably serve others with those talents.

If you look around at the people that we view as successful, working in their own business, it is generally something they would do whether they were paid to do it or not, they simply found a way to profit from their unique abilities and talents.

So talent or ability are you hiding and not developing? Uncover it today, and start using your brain and find a way to use that ability to create a profit in your life.

As Always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

God Bless You,

John Clark

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