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Gary Ryan Blair: 100 Day Challenge – Focus on Results

As the late, great Jim Rohn said, “Results is the name of the game!!”

The results speak for themselves, if we are not getting the results that we desire, we are not taking the action necessary for us to reach those results.

When we focus our efforts on the activity that will bring about the results we seek, we will with certainty reach that result but if our actions are not inline with the result that we want, we will not hit that result no matter how much positive thinking that we do.

If we expect a different result without changing the actions that we already engage in, we are setting ourselves up for failure all the time.

We are getting close to the end of the year and Gary Ryan Blair has a great program called the “100 Day Challenge”, you can find the details here >> http://100daychallenge.lifetosuccess.com

If you are looking to make a profound change in your life then this is certainly worth a look.

As Always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

God Bless You,

John Clark

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