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Save the Drama for Your Mama! – Randy Gage

A little kinder way than Randy says in his video is… “Stuff Happens.”

It happens to all of us, it’s how we DEAL with the stuff that happens that makes all the difference.

When we look at the challenges in our life as problems and we hate having problems in our lives, we will live a life of sadness and unhappiness our whole lives. This is not a good thing.

But if we look at these things that happen in our lives as learning opportunities or stepping stones to a better life for us and ACTUALLY learn from these situations and take action on these learning opportunities, this is where our life will actually start to get better.

You may say to yourself, “Come on, John!! How is my mother or father dying a “learning opportunity” or “stepping stone”?”

As sad as that is, when someone close to us passes away, it gives us an opportunity to reflect on the life that they have lived. And I hope that it was a good life. But think about it for a second, most of us as we move through our day to day life think about what? OURSELVES!!

Maybe a passing of a loved one will help us get closer to those who we do have left in our lives. Or maybe it will help us bury some grudges with others in our lives that have been going on too long.

The key here is to look for those learning opportunities and then to take ACTION on these ideas.

But again the way we look at things depend on what we choose to focus on.

As Always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

God Bless You,

John Clark

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