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Poverty Doesn’t Buy Happiness!

When it comes to money, people seem to have all sorts of those and these thoughts are generally handed down from generation to generation which is why you will see people born into rich families will move into lives that are prosperous and you will see people born into homes where welfare is the only form of income and you see these people grow thinking that this is the only way to live and live on welfare themselves.

Occasionally, you see the rich kid fall from grace and become a drug addict and die of an overdose and you will see the poor kid that ends up achieving great financial success.

So what makes this happen?

It all starts with the way they think about themselves and the value that they provide to others.

Our thoughts about money will be key to our financial success or financial failure.

But when you truly think about money, what is it? It is paper with ink on it or metal stamp with engravings on it.

But what is it really? It is a form of value that is accepted goods and services. It is a medium of exchange.

And its value is only determined by the confidence of the seller to accept for their goods and services.

We need to be clear about what money is, its value and what we will do in the form of selling goods and services in exchange for that money that we will use to buy goods and services from others.

Without the perceived value of money, it is useless. But someone who has goods and services that people are willing to pay for will always have whatever currency that is at use at that time come to them.

The real value is in the processed goods and services provided, not the actual money.

So what are you doing to increase your perceived value? This is the important question.

As Always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

God Bless You,

John Clark

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