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What any person that is looking for #Success should know… (Part 6)

After 30 years of studying the subject of personal development from some of the masters like Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, Randy Gage, Bob Burg and many more, I have boiled down my take on the subject and thought I would share these ideas on my blog here, make sure to leave your comments below…

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All of these things that we have explored in this blog series are all easier said then done…

Jim Rohn has said, “Pay close attention to what I say but don’t watch me to close.” Success requires discipline and loads of it. Jim Rohn also said, that “we will live with one of two pains, the pain of discipline or the pain of regret.”

In order for us to get to the great things in life, we need to discipline ourselves to give up the trinkets of today for the treasures of tomorrow. And this is a daily battle that we wage every day.

We have a battle going on in our mind everyday, we need to do what will get us the result, instead of doing what we is expedient at the moment.


Getting up early in the morning to get to the gym instead staying in bed where it is so comfy, cozy and warm.

Passing on that 4th piece of pizza and having an apple instead.

Making on more sales call instead of meeting your friends for happy hour.

Again it is important to pay very close attention to what we are thinking in order for us for us to catch the thoughts that are not serving us. And these thoughts will come when you are pushing yourself past your natural inclination.

So let’s look at an example:

You are going to make that last sales call, pushing yourself past the point where you would have stopped for the day. You made the decision to do it and all of a sudden, you here this in your head, “What difference does it make no one would want to buy from you anyway!!!” WOW!!

That is a thought that you would have to eliminate from your subconscious mind, ASAP!!

This thought came from somewhere in your past, it could have come from a family member or friend that had good intentions to make you feel safe. They knew someone in sales that failed and they don’t want the same thing to happen to you.

So you have to replace this thought with a thought that serves you:

Original thought: “What difference does it make no one would want to buy from you anyway!!!”

New thought: “I leave everyone that I come contact with, better then when I met them with the products or services that I provide.”

Please make sure to pass this on to everyone that you feel could use this information. Facebook it, Tweet It, LinkedIn it, RSS it or forward this to your email list. Keep the positive messages flowing!!

In the next post, I will recap and bring this all home…

As Always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

God Bless You,

John Clark

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