What Is Genealogy?

Genealogy is something that most have heard of but very few take the time to actually pursue.  Yet, there are many benefits to studying and learning about this.  It is the study of the past, of your family tree.  Where did your family come from?  What stories are there to tell there?  Genealogy was once something that only the nobles and the royalty actually knew and studied.  Today, anyone that would like to know about their past can learn quite a bit about it.

Genealogy is the study of the pedigree of a person.  This is the family line that they have come from.  Since everyone has a unique history that can only be shared with them by their whole brothers and sisters, not many will actually know where their families have come from.  By studying certain elements, though, you can learn a great deal about your family and its place in the lines of history.

When studying genealogy, individuals will take the time to study things such as relatives, including those that have passed on.  It is also important to study relationships as they related to each other.  Very often, people will want to craft what is called a family tree.  This is a mapping of their family history, so to speak.  It allows them to successfully build backwards their family.  Usually it will start with the person doing the search and work backwards.  It will go to his parents, their parents, and so forth as far back as possible.  Many times, family trees or genealogy programs can take family blood lines back hundreds of years.

Today, many individuals study genealogy to not only learn where their family came from, but also to know what makes them up.  Everyone has traits that are characteristic of their family’s blood line.  You may get that smirk that you do from your grandfather, even though you may not have known him.  You may get your long blonde hair from your great grandmother and perhaps no one in the family has had it besides you.  These characteristics tell a us a story that is unique to you. 

Genealogy helps us to see what amazing things those that are in our family have accomplished as well.  Often, we may know that our father was an engineer and that our mother was a stay at home, loving mom.  But, what we do not know is what our grand parents did or what theirs did.  Perhaps they lived a life that was amazing.  Learning what our family has done to lay their mark on history is a fascinating story to hear.