What Is Heartburn?

Heartburn is something that most of us will deal with at some point in our lives.  For most, it is something that we will face daily.  Yet, taking the time to really understand what it is can help you to find out how to prevent this from happening to you and possibly help you to treat it if it does happen again.  Most people think that it is something that will just go away; yet, it can worsen over time and believe it or not, can cause many health conditions.  So, taking care of your heartburn now is the ideal way to go.

Heartburn is a burning sensation that you feel in your chest.  It is actually in your esophagus and generally will be felt below your breastbone.  What causes it is gastric acid that your system is regurgitating.  That means that your body is having trouble keeping it down and it comes back up, to a point that causes this pain in your chest area.  Sometimes the pain from heartburn will feel as if it is rising in the chest and your neck and your throat area may also be experiencing some of the pain. 

Whatever it is that is causing your heartburn, one thing is for sure.  You will not like it.  The pain that is felt here is often pain that is irritating and can cause you to not sleep well at night or even worse, it may cause you to fell bad throughout the day.  In any case, it is a serious condition that needs proper treatment from you and your doctor, especially when it is reoccurring.  Did you know that heartburn can actually lead to other conditions?  It can be the cause of your asthma or a chronic cough that you may have.  These things can even worsen the quality of life that you have. 

Yet, the question here is what can you do about it?  Many people will resort to using over the counter medications and treatments to help them.  This may work for some individuals, especially those that have a low amount of incidence (meaning that it does not happen often) but this is not the case for everyone.  In fact, those that have chronic heartburn really do need to seek out the help of their doctor.  If you have heartburn several times per week or more, you should talk to your doctor.  You could be doing serious damage to your internal organs. 

Heartburn is uncomfortable and it is something that you should seek out professional help for especially when it becomes constant.  There is help for you.