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Goals that Create a Ripple Effect!

When setting goals many people only think about goals that will impact on their lives. Now it is important that we have goals to improve our lives, buy our dream home and perhaps a new car … of course.

It is equally important though to set goals that impact on the lives of others in a significant, positive and empowering way. It is important that we set goals that will create what I call the ripple effect.

Imagine for a moment that you are walking along through a peaceful forest and as you came around the corner you found yourself at the edge of a magnificent lake. Picture the water there perfectly still, calm and serene.

Now as you imagine yourself there just think about bending over a picking up a small pebble and tossing it out into the water a comfortable distance from the edge. Do you notice what happens?

As the pebble impacts the water it makes a small splash. Then it does something truly remarkable … it transfers the energy from the thrown pebble into small ripples, or rings of water, and those ripples then travel out in all directions … some of them even end up back at the edge of the lake were you stand.

This energy transference of the ripple effect is one of natures true miracles and it is one which you can apply in your own life to impact on the lives of others.

So how can you use the ripple effect in your goal setting?

Think about setting goals that are larger than you and your worldly concerns. Set goals that make a difference in the lives of hundreds, or thousands, or even millions of people. In so doing you will change lives and empower, inspire and motivate others to also make a difference.

Each time you achieve a goal that impacts others you have started a new ripple effect in the world, a new transference of energy that will travel in all directions until it finds someone, somewhere to have an impact on.

Right now you could make a profound difference in the lives of millions of people for hundreds of years to come simply by starting new ripples of positive energy in your world.

Look for opportunities to give to others. Seek out opportunities to impart new ideas, knowledge and wisdom to others. Find a way to empower, motivate, and enthuse the life force into those people you come into contact with.

And here is the great thing about creating new ripple effects in your world. Even though the ripples of energy travel in all directions, they invariably end up back with you. The energy of what you start, create, develop and initiate always flows back to you.

Its time for you to review, renew and upgrade your goals by looking for goals that impact on the world in a new way. In doing so you will become the creator of new ripples of energy, hope, inspiration, motivation, compassion, empowerment, and good will around the world.

This article was written by Rod Moore of Life Design Systems. Rod is the creator of the Goals Magic System, a free personal goal setting system to enable you to design a compelling future. To get your free copy of Goals Magic visit the web site at http://www.GoalsMagic.com