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Magic of Dreaming Big

If you are going to activate your dream machine, create a compelling vision for your future and set and achieve goals then you may as well play big. Dreaming big has a magic in it that inspires people to new levels of achievement. Dreaming big pushes you to the outer boundaries of your current thinking which is hard to return from. Those who dream big live in the land of pure potentiality where anything becomes possible … it’s the only place to be!

In his incredible book ‘The Magic of Thinking Big’ author David Schwartz lays out a framework for expanding your thinking and raising your conscious awareness of what might be possible. With a new view of possibility your capacity and willingness to embrace a larger vision of your future is enhanced.

When the dream is big enough the facts don’t count!

Dexter Yager is well known for saying that when the dream is big enough the facts don’t count! In other words, large compelling dreams will draw us to them. They become so compelling that we are able to move over, through and around any challenge that may have previously stopped us in our tracks. If you listen to Dexter you can’t help doubling the size of the dreams that you allow in your life. His enthusiasm and belief in the power of dreaming big is so strong it has enabled him to develop a global business network with many new millionaires along the way.

Through having people focus on a large inspiring dream of their future, instead of the limiting conditions of their present, Dexter has helped turn ordinary every day people into world leaders. Once people become focused on this expanded view of where they are going they never look back. They are inspired to set new higher goals, and achieve greater success, which in turn enables them to further grow the size of their dream.

How do you expand the size of your dream?

The first thing you need to be willing to do to expand the size of your dream is to allow yourself the freedom to dream big. Be willing to suspend judgment for just a moment and dream of a magnificent inspiring future. Immerse yourself and become fully associated with the dreams you are engineering on the screen of your mind. Allow yourself to feel how incredible these dreams make you feel. Capture the moment and congratulate yourself for the ability to use your mind to create a magnificent compelling vision.

Most people limit their capacity to dream big and therefore limit their capacity. It’s easy to talk yourself out of the dreams that have occupied your mind. It’s easy to dabble in your pursuit. It’s easy to settle for the life you currently lead even when it may not entirely serve or fulfill you. It’s easy to join the easy crowd and poke fun at the dreamers, even though you may secretly harbor dreams of your own.

In life we always get what we focus on. The way to develop huge dreams and to follow through on them by taking action is simply to focus on them. Dreams given sufficient focus crystallize into a specific vision for the future. These in turn break down into goals, which can soon be manifested into reality. Focus on the dreams you have and the more you focus on them the larger they will become.

This article was written by Rod Moore of Life Design Systems. Rod is the creator of the Goals Magic System, a free personal goal setting system to enable you to design a compelling future. To get your free copy of Goals Magic visit the web site at http://www.GoalsMagic.com