How to...“Set up a Family Budget”



Family Budgets: A Brief Introduction                                                                               

  • Why an e-book or how-to guide on setting up a family budget?
  • Why would or do you need a family budget?                       
  • The business case for and rationale behind family budgeting           
  • Benefits and advantages of a family budget

Family Budgets Defined                                                                                                      

  • What is a family budget?
  • What constitutes a good family budget?
  • What should it contain and look like?

The Family Budget Process                                                                                                 

  • How to set up a family budget?
  • Some practical suggestions and a step-by-step summary of a family budget process
  • Hints, tips, tricks and tools for setting up a family budget
  • How should a family budget be used?

Final Thoughts On Setting Up A Family Budget