Power Tips to Zap Stress Out of Your Life









Stress Research                                                                                           


Identify Stress in your Life                                                                         


Your Stress Diary                                                                                        

-          analyze your diary

-          what does it all mean


Powerful Stress Management Tools                                                           


Manage Stress through Mental Imagery                                                      


Physical Relaxation                                                                                    

-          deep breathing

-          progressive relaxation

-          relaxation response technique


Rational and Positive Thinking                                                                  

-          thought analysis

-          change negative thinking

-          using thought awareness


Bust Stress Away                                                                                        


Laugh Stress Away                                                                                     


Self-Therapy for Nagging Daily Stress                                                       

-          aching back and muscle tension

-          sooth the mid-section

-          for the multi-tasker

-          for those on the go

-          for a good nights sleep


Natural Stress Busters                                                                                  


Another Good Remedy for Everyday Stress                                               


Relaxation and Scent                                                                                    


De-Stress your Home                                                                                  


Create a Home Spa Experience                                                                    


More Good Relaxation Tips                                                                        


How do Others Deal with Stress                                                                  

            -    Three random responses


Controlled Breathing                                                                                    

            -    Exercise


Targeted Relaxation                                                                                     

-          five finger exercise

-          progressive relaxation

-          calm the racing mind

-          instantly de-stress

-          deep relaxation

-          quieting of body and mind

-          higher level relaxation


Stress Self-Assessment